Thursday, March 29, 2012

Transformer (The Tablet) Should Be Top Android Choice

I'll be honest.  Asus and Android pairing is not something I give a lot of thoughts to.  It's always Samsung or HTC and Android.  Well, at the risk of earning Hasbro's ire, I'm gonna say it:  Asus is more than meets the eye.  And if this keeps, Asus could be my top Android device maker.  And it should be yours as well.

According to this post from GottaBeMobile, they pointed that Asus dropped a hint that there will be new features coming to the new Transformer tablet.  And it did.  It did not say it was going to be months away.  No vague promises like Motorola or Samsung.

Perhaps, Asus taking Android update seriously is why Google appears to be working with them on their Nexus tablet.

Maybe this is what'll be needed to light a fire on the rest of the Android players.

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