Monday, February 27, 2012

HTC Has Hero Devices But No Hero Brand Like Samsung

Recently, HTC indicated it would par down the number of smartphone units it plans on releasing into the market.  Great first move.  Probably will need to take that number and cut it down in half.  Even so, HTC has one other problem.  It has great high-end devices.  However, because HTC gave each device a new name, people gets confused and it ended up not having a brand like the Galaxy from Samsung.

HTC needs to learn how Samsung created and nurtured the Galaxy brand.  Today, you mentioned Galaxy and everyone knows you're talking about a Samsung Android device.  Mention Sensation, and you've got a good chance folks will think you're talking about a cheap perfume from Macy's.  

And even if HTC does end up creating a brand, it also has to learn from Samsung what not to do.  For instance, you've got the Samsung Galaxy S.  Fine.  Then they went on to add another name with the following release:  Samsung Galaxy S II.  Obviously, we'll get a three coming soon.  That's quite a mouthful.  On top of that, Samsung risks the Galaxy brand by adding stupid names to it to its less to mid-range devices.  It sort of beats the point of having a brand to start.

Verizon's Droid brand is a good example to follow.  You've got the original Droid.  Then Droid 2, 3, and 4.  Simple.  Droid RAZR.  Nice, I can live with that.  The only mistake I see is the following release:  Droid Razr Maxx.  Should have gone with Droid RAZR 2.  Easier.  

I reckon with the 2012 line released already at the Mobile World Congress, HTC would have to wait a while longer should they decide to go down the branding path I'm suggesting.  So, HTC, let's recap:  
  • Create a brand and work with it.  I've got a couple if you're interested. It'll work great for you.
  • Make sure the brand identifies with your global plan.  
  • Then once you've establish it, keep it simple.  Max out at two words for differentiation or subsequent releases.  No more.
  • Flyer is a good name for your tablet effort.  I suggest you go with it.  Maybe if you want to rebrand, use a bird name.  I've also got suggestions if you're willing to listen.  And again, keep it simple.  Apple went with iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 2S or iPad 3.  See what I mean?

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