Wednesday, January 4, 2012

700K Android 4 Users In the Wild - Most Are Probably Galaxy Nexuses

This is fantastic news.  The Galaxy Nexus is taking the Android world by storm - how many units sold are not known but given the number of Android 4 deployment accounted for, it's safe to say that most of them are GNs.  And exactly how many?

According to figures revealed today, Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS, accounts for 0.6% of Android deployed. That is more than 700K units running the latest and greatest Android OS.  Now, we have to account for those non-Galaxy Nexus devices that have already upgraded - Nexus S units or others via mods.

Still, whether it's 500K, 600K, 650K, or 700K Galaxy Nexuses, it's still not a bad start considering that the only device officially running ICS missed the Christmas period in the US.

Unfortunately, deployment of ICS will lag those of other platforms like iOS because carriers and device makers continue to drag their feet.

We'll see if Google's effort to rein in fragmentation in 2012 will help.

Source:  Electronista.

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