Friday, October 14, 2011

Samsung Fight Losing Battle So Far

I'm not an attorney but I do have a couple of friends in the patent field.  I asked them about the case.  The reason is because FOSS Patents always seem to paint a bleak picture for Google (its case with Java) and Android device makers.

Sue them right back, was what my attorney friends said. And while they were not willing to spend too much time reading up on the wireless patent wars, they did note that all concerned will be bloodied but they would rather be in Apple's shoes than anyone else's.  

They know nothing about the Java case that Oracle has brought against Google but they think a settlement is likely.  

As for the actual battle between Android, one of them said money talks and Apple would prevail.  By how much, they don't know but today's dismissal of Samsung's case against Apple was one thing they predicted.  

I don't know where things will go from here but it's likely this will go on for a while.  However, no one thinks Android will go away.  In fact, one of them believes that the White House might intervene if the ultimate worst case scenario happens for the Android camp.  


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