Thursday, October 20, 2011

Most Current Devices Will Run Android 4 - Don't Hold Your Breath

It's great that Google has put into the hands of handset makers one of the most polished and powerful mobile OS in the world.  I mean there are not many of them and even less that has the kind of impact on our lives as Android has.

And we now know that pretty much device that can run Gingerbread (Android 2.2) can also run Android 4.  Unfortunately, those with Android 2.0 or Android 2.1 from like a year ago are still waiting on 2.3.  So, let's keep a running clock on each device that can run Android 4 but have yet and see which of them gets it first.

HTC seems cool about an upgrade.  They want to sell you new devices that they sanction to run Android 4.  While I get that, it is maddening how they drag their feet on upgrades.

I'll get to work this weekend and put together a chart of which devices out there went to sale, what version of Android they're running, and days since they have or have not been upgraded to the latest Android 2.x.  Though keep in mind that they all will have the same start date for Android 4 because we do have to give the device makers a few weeks to get started.

Yes, weeks.  Not months.  I'm sure the top tier guys have had Android 4 in their hands for months now.

So, hardware guys, we're watching.

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