Sunday, October 23, 2011

G1 - 3 Years Old And Still Keeps On Ticking

The G1 is now three - the first ever Android device.  It's the original Google phone, you might have heard, the gPhone.  It came up a few months after the iPhone and it was supposed to be an answer to Apple.

My G1 is currently in service, still doing its duty.  It has been relegated to a mobile Internet device.  However, I know a couple of other people who are still using it to make calls on T-Mobile.

You have to admire just how incredible the G1 is that after three years, it is still working and doing what it was meant to for its owners.  I remembered when I first got it.  The Fedex guy simply dropped it off at my front door, not following the instructions to put it at the backdoor.

I was anxious.  T-Mobile and Fedex confused each other I would up getting the G1 three days later than I should have.  So while I work close to home, I drive like a madman home to pick it up. Sure enough, there it was, on the steps of the front door.  I swoop into the drive way and picked it up.

I took my time and opened it up.  I got the brown version.  When it first came, it was running the rawest Android that Google put out.  And we got to use it with as it was meant to be used - without carrier or device maker putting a skin on top of it.  And now, I am running Cyanogenmod 6 on it.

And with a little work, maybe we can see Android 4 running on G1 workhorses.

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Milan said...

I'm with you on the board, man. It's sad there is no way to upgrade RAM in our eldery G1. But I still hope we will have Ice Cream Sandwitch on January.