Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friend Will Get Nexus Prime (If Not, Galaxy S II) - Very Happy For Him

My friend informed me today that he was going to bypass the iPhone 4S and go with the Nexus Prime.  And failing that, he'll go with the Galaxy S II.  I told him that it's possible he might have to switch carriers if Prime isn't available for the network he is currently on.

But I think Google will move heaven and earth to get Prime on as many carriers as it can.  Plus, its the only device in the known universe that will come with Android 4.  

It has got me thinking just when the rest of the dual-core Android devices will be able to get their turn at Ice Cream Sandwich.  

Anyway, I'm pretty happy for him.  It'll be a while before I can upgrade.  So, I'll have to "borrow" it when I go visit him and his new baby.

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