Thursday, October 13, 2011

Android 4: The Next Version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich Sandwich Is About A Week From Unveiling

Apple had its show and Google and company will get their turn next week in Hong Kong when they unveil Ice Cream Sandwich on the world along with Nexus Prime.

Obviously, this was no big secret.  Google and Samsung were kind enough to delay the unveiling out of respect for Steve Jobs who passed last week and his funeral was held last Friday, the original go-ahead date for Android 4 unveiling.

This time, it'll be rescheduled in Hong Kong on October 19th.  What this means is that by the time of us the Western world wakes up, we would have tons of write-ups on the unveiling, unless you happen to be up at the time for the live blogs.

Boy, I hope there'll be live blogs.  Or maybe Google will grant us with live video streaming.  Yeah, Google?  How about it?

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