Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Asus EEE Pad Slider Is An Expensive $480

I'm all for more Android table selections but Asus' EEE Pad Slider, coming at $479 is just too much.  You can get a regular Android tablet for $400 or less that runs Honeycomb.

I don't get why this kind of mistakes keep being made.  Granted the Slider is different and has the feel of a netbook.  However, if you want a netbook, you can get one for much less.  At this price, I'd go for a Chromebook instead.

Furthermore, the specs inside in dated.  Motorola Xoom came out last March.  It's already September.  Folks, I recommend getting an actual tablet like Lenovo's Thinkpad tablet, Acer's Iconia 10.1, or even the Asus' own Transformer.

All of them cost much less - $365 for the Transformer.  Better yet, wait for Black Friday.  I am more sure than ever that we'll see great deals on Android tablets.

Source:  Unwired View.

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