Friday, August 12, 2011

Would Motorola Really Go to War With Fellow Android Competitors?

Information Week suggests that Motorola could potentially go as far as to sue Google over Android patent violations.  I highly doubt that will be the case.  However, considering how Microsoft is raking in more money from Android device makers than it does licensing its own Windows Phone OS, Motorola Mobility, a publicly traded company that basically invented the mobile phone and amassed a lot of patents over the years, is not about to leave billions on the table.  

Furthermore, Motorola's has publicly expressed interest in Windows Phone 7, which also says a lot about the patent situation.  It's not like to sue Google directly.  Even if Motorola does decide to release WP7 devices, it is also likely to continue working with Google to release Android devices.

However, as for HTC, Samsung, and its other Android competitors, they are fair games.  

I am sure intense negotiation is going on between Microsoft and Motorola Mobility, assuming a deal has not already been reached.  I don't think Android makers will be hearing from Motorola's collection guys until 2012.  

Therefore, it makes future patent acquisitions and any patent reforms that much more critical to Google.  And Information Week suggests that Motorola might use its patents to shield Google.  That could be a possibility if and only if Google can offer Motorola better terms than Microsoft or what it can get from Android competitors.

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