Friday, August 26, 2011

Nvidia Launches TegraZone But Doesn't Let You Buy Games Directly

It's hard to see what what the purpose of TegraZone is for.  But this is how I would make it work.  Turn it into an gaming app store.  

I know that it's very community oriented and provides news and updates on apps and such.  But that's not enough if you can give users an one-click access to the content you're pushing.

Right now, when you click on a game, it's great that it warns you you need a Tegra 2 device.  Then you are taken to the Android Marketplace.

I'm a busy mobile warrior who wants to be gaming NOW!  Let me buy it directly from the TegraZone.  Hey, EA has its own gaming store now.  I reckon mobile games will be available through them.  Beleive me when I tell you they'll be allowing users to click through their own app store and keep the profit, they'll do it.

Otherwise, TZ is very sweet.  It's app is well built and the tablet layout is nice.  But it would be nice if it can be turned into an gaming app store. Just easier for us that way.  No clutter of the Marketplace.

Note:  The source is Android Guys and they said TZ is giving away Iconia tablets.  Go check it out!

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