Monday, August 22, 2011

Mobile: Android Developers, Start Your Engine - SDK Allows Apps To Run On Google TV

Fantastic news!  Google released an updated SDK that allows Android developers to write apps for the TV.  The new SDK is also to help developers optimize apps running on smartphones for tablets as well.

This is fantastic development as Apple is inching towards doing the similar implementation with its iOS apps and the Apple TV.

Wow, talk about a close finish going on  here.  I haven't heard anything out of Apple on this although Apple does have Airplay.  Beyond that, nada.

It does look like Google will get to apps on TV first.  Games? Definitely going to benefit from this.  Some video apps?  Sure.

What other apps would work well with mobile and TV?  I've predicted this.  Once Apple and Google does gaming on TV, it's all over for the console guys.

Source:  CNET.

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