Thursday, August 25, 2011

Imagine If Steve Jobs Had Been CEO of Google, What Would Android Be Like Today?

If the Google founders had been successful in recruiting Steve Jobs for the CEO position of Google, what would Android be like today?

I reckon that it's possible it'll look a lot like what iOS is like today as far as an ecosystem goes.  Except with search.  But let's step back a moment before we get there.

Right now, Google is beginning to assert more control over Android.  And it'll probably increase over time and given the Motorola Mobility buyout, well, it'll be more difficult for Google to use that in any context.

And a Steve Jobs Google most certain means that control taking place much sooner than it has right now. If that is the case, would were today's Android users go to for the mobile needs?

That question needs to be taken seriously because in a year or so, we may be forced to decide if Android is open enough and offer enough customization compared to what we're used to today.

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