Thursday, August 18, 2011

I read a post from an Android fan site that talked about what they like to see out of the Motorola buyout by Google. Personally, I think Google’s influence at Motorola will be felt at all levels despite the public image that is Google and its partners are trying to portray.

Of the five they mentioned, I like the Nexus ideas the most.  Google should just take the whole industry by the horn and say “this is what we envision mobile to be”.  And if it pisses or scares off its current partners, so be it.  The mobile war should be fought with everything you’ve got.

This is what I like to see happen.

What I would like to see Google do is take this opportunity to revolutionize the mobile industry.  Go beyond Apple, RIM, or Microsoft.  Don’t play their games.  Definitely do play by Apple’s rules.  You’ll lose in the end.

As for the patent war, defends what’s yours.  And if the other guys won’t let you borrow their patents, then innovate around them.

With Droids, Motorola showed that it can come out with creative compelling devices.  But its management suffers from a very chronic condition that is all too familiar at Motorola.  Once they have a successful product, they sit back and milk it for all its worth.

Google’s CEO won’t let that happen.

First, Google has to go through Motorola and do a complete evaluation.  Second, it has to purge the dead weights.  Third, let someone else make the Nexus for Google if the charade is that important to the public but work on newer compelling products.

I like the concept of the Atrix with a netbook dock.  I’ve always envision Chrome and Android merge.  Such a new push by Google could make this idea work.  But Google will need to lower the prices on the docking station.

Finally, end the patent war once and fall all.  It’s a distraction for Google more than it is for its competitors.  Google’s been all over the place since its search engine has dominated the market but little else then.  Don’t get me wrong, Android is a success but not the money maker it was meant to be.

Google owns Android. It always did.  It’s time to tell the world that and admit it.  Its partners are too embedded to just pick up and leave and the money is just too addictive.

I still think there’s a 50-50 chance that Google will spin off Motorola’s hardware biz.  But it sure would be exciting to see what they can come up with.


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