Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get Your Samsung Gears Just In Case They Are Banned From Import

If you can get your hands on a Galaxy Tab 10.1", do it now rather than later. Apple won a preliminary ruling against Samsung in Australia that has currently preventing Samsung from selling the tablet there.

What is going on there does not mean the same thing could happen here in the US but it does serve as an omen of what can happen in the US should Apple's lawsuit go its way.

The Australian ruling seems quite specific to the Tab although other proceedings are ongoing with the other Samsung devices.  

Could there actually be a ban of Samsung products here in the US?  I don't know.  But I do know this.  Apple will not be licensing its patents for money despite what idiotic analysts say.  So, just in case, you'll want to get your Tab or Galaxy S as soon as possible.  

Now, Samsung mentioned that it here merely "postponing" the launch of the Galaxy Tab, not outright stopping the launch.  I understand the need for putting on a brave face for the public but I cannot think that things are worse for Android makers in general because of this.

After all, if Samsung fails to hold ground and loses, it will look really really bad for everyone else that makes Android phones and tablets.

Source: Gizmodo via Appleinsider.

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