Thursday, August 4, 2011

Android Updates Seem To Have Picked Up Stream

In the last couple of weeks, things seemed to changed in the Android ecosystem as the pace of updates have picked up.

In the US market, a few of top carriers have been pushing out updates to their handsets.  T-Mobile will be updating its G2 and myTouch while the Revolution from Verizon is currently getting the same treatment.

Even the Echo from Sprint will be getting Gingerbread. And last week, another half a dozen or so devices

Is this a coincidence or has Google found some footing regarding updates? And it even looks as if Honeycomb 3.2 will be gracing a few of the 10" tablets on the market.  

Whatever the reason, I like to see just how Ice Cream fits into framework.  After all, Gingerbread has been on the market since late 2010.  I'm an optimist but I get the feeling that Ice Cream updates could possibly roll out faster than previous versions to current devices.

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