Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Google, Please Do Something About Power Management and Battery Life

Dear, Google and Motorola,

Loving my Motorola Triumph running on Virgin Mobile USA's network. Just got Netflix to work. But Google/Motorola, you have to do better on the power management. With nothing running, thr battery drained 30% in 10 hours (okay, I did download and install Netflix and made sure it ran okay). My iPhone used up 27% with regular use in that same period. 

I am sure Blackberries probably would not have broken a sweat. 

Power management and getting better battery life should be on top of your agenda.  I know there are going to be many who claim that it should be up the device makers.  To some extent, I agree.  But Google, you've also take back some measurable control of Android and that means you can stipulate that a certain level of battery life be met.  It isn't a whole lot to ask.  And it'll will be to your advantage.

Google, you'll have users who are not just "moderate" users but users who are more willing to use their mobile device.  See, I have a problem with a lot of the blog reviews of Android devices.  When it comes to power management and battery life, those reviews are jokes.  Just about everyone claim to put the devices through moderate use.  Most of us don't want moderate use  We want to use our devices when we want, how we want, and where we want without a care about the battery life.  And if you can make that happen, that means more ad impressions for you.  It means more ads you can sell.

And Motorola, you've done a great job putting this level of tech inside a $300 Android device.  But you also need to tell your engineers to do better as well.  Maybe throttle the CPU further.  Better management of resources.  Dave the Mobile Warrior claimed that the Triumph is having issues connect to the towers, thereby, using up more power than his Optimus.  Perhaps, like other companies these days that ship products to the marketplace before they are rule ready, you rushed the Triumph out to get it into my hands.  I know this because Dave the Mobile Warrior is having major issues like his Triumph restarting on its own.  I, myself, have camera issues (autofocus is worse).

I do appreciate that the device.  Just do better.  

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