Friday, July 29, 2011

Dell Can't Hack It In the US Tablet Market; Needs to Consider Other Solutions

It's pretty clear the state of the tablet market, which is dominated by the iPad, when the second biggest PC maker in the world (when tablets are not counted) sells its first 10" Android tablet in China but not the US - where Apple's reach is not as long and prolific as it is here in the States.

That's exactly what Daily Tech reported what Dell is doing with the Streak 10.  And Dell will be charging the Chinese for $465.  The iPad costs about $550 in China.  So the Streak cost less but the problems that plague Android tablet adoption in the US remains the same else where. 

The only reason I see why Dell would do this is that if it fails in China, the media will not be watching it as close as if it had taken place here.  Consider how the blogs crucified Xoom and Playbook numbers.

I think Dell would do better as a Windows 8 licensee than Android.  Maybe even consider a merger with RIM.  Whatever they decide to do, they need to do it fast.

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