Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can Android Device Makers Demand Revenue Sharing From Google For Using Android?

Using Android is becoming a more expensive proposition that the device makers did not anticipate when they started selling the devices.  Some of them like HTC are forced to fill Microsoft's coffers while they tried to vend off expensive lawsuits from deep-pocketed adversaries like Apple.  So, should device makers demand a share of Google's ad and search revenues for using Android?

You can say that these companies that have made billions from Android can simply stop using it if they find the environment too hostile.  The point is, it's not at all. Google needs them just as much as they need Android.  There is no one without the other.  Even after making royalty payments, there is still quite a bit of money to make for the device makers but Google's cut of Android profit remains largely untouched.  As someone who feels that Google, who basically "owns" Android, has done nothing but other than to offer token words of support here and there for the blogging public.  

The way things go right now, this can have a profound impact on those of us who support the platform.  Indeed, devices can become more expensive as royalty payments mount.  So, maybe Google should be bear some responsibility for making some part of the royalty payments and/or legal fees.

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