Monday, July 11, 2011

Any Honeycomb Released By The Android Community Yet?

It's summer and boredom has set in.  There are no summer vacation for working folks like us so it's the same thing as the week before and the week before that.  So, I decided I can use the time to look into where the Android community is at in coming up with own version of Honeycomb.

And more specifically, just now far along things are from the common folks.  In the States, The Galaxy Tab from Samsung has gained quite a following.  I'm specifically talking about the 7" model.  There have been other Android tablets but it was the Nook Color from Barnes and Noble that has caught everyone's imagination.

This Wired post is the latest I can find on anything to do with hacking/cajoling Honeycomb to run on a non-Tegra 2 10" tablet.  And yes, it is no a Nook as well.

So, I'll try to get the straight story about Honeycomb development by users rather than the carriers or device makers.  I really have not heard much about it.  Not the way things are on the smartphones.  I think once Google releases Android 4, that unifies all Android devices back into one OS, we'll see a huge spike in users wanting to customize their own build.

Note:  I recently received word that Dave the Mobile Warrior ordered a Nook Color from eBay.  I know he isn't going to use it to read books.  He's got a Kindle and an iPad for that. And he loves to tinker. I wonder what he'll be doing with it?  Hmmm...

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