Monday, April 25, 2011

Galaxy S II NFC Deployment in Korea - Strong Step Towards Mobile Payment and eWallet

This morning, I learn the Samsung Galaxy S II will have NFC capabilities.  It's a fantastic surprise.  I had no idea that the feature was part of the upgrade.  I wonder if this feature will make its way into the US version of the device.


The thing that I wonder most about Google's latest move to lock down Android codes and give them out to those who comply with its rules will mean that we will have to use Google Checkout in order to take advantage of mobile payments and location based deals. 


I am sure the government will have a lot to say about this should this become the case.  And definitely, Google's Android partners will do as wel. 


Still, the possibilities of NFC uses and innovations are very exciting. 


Obviously, this will not happen overnight  In the US, I reckon we'll see many players vying for our eDollars as well as trying to position their standards for mobile payment  Deployment by merchants will take months if not years.  It took Starbucks about two years before rolling out the ability to order and pay drinks via a mobile app. 


I anticipate a mainstream device like the Galaxy S with NFC capability will be a great launching pad for mobile payment.


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