Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tweets And Thoughts On Sony Joining Playstation with Android Gingerbread

There are the tweets I sent from the live Sony Play Event at the Mobile World Congress. Obviously, I wasn't there but Sony was kind enough for folks who "liked" them on Facebook to watch it live.

I'm excited by Sony bringing new weapons to the mobile fight. Certainly, Playstation Suite is going to kick a lot of dust in the face of a lot of folks, namely, Apple and Nintendo. I'm also looking forward to the specs which they neglected to leave out for the time being.

So you interested?

hmmm...worrying that there is no specs. Should be on par with top Android devices. but no Tegra 2 power expected.
5 minutes ago

sad that there is specs yet. And no T-Mobile....
9 minutes ago

wow...Verizon has Droid, iPhone, and Play. Droid is screwed!
10 minutes ago

will start shipping in March! Across the world! USA among the first to get it! Verizon to start selling in spring
11 minutes ago

Play is also a fantastic phone. Again with the lame "Boom"
12 minutes ago

Unity being pointed out. Being talked about big time. 350K developers can bring gaming to Playstation Sute.
13 minutes ago

50 Titles on launch...EA, Gameloft, Glu Mobile...hmmm...where are the other heavy weights?
16 minutes ago

multiplayer. New guy on stage...this is weird hoe they are doing this.
17 minutes ago

unobstructed game play...dig at Apple. 60fps.
19 minutes ago

was there a hitch in the demo? Lame beginning...more Boom...only Steve Jobs can do a credible "Boom"
20 minutes ago

finally an american.
21 minutes ago

no mention of titles or specs yet. So far, pretty lame.
22 minutes ago

will come preloaded with PSone games.
23 minutes ago

Playstation Suite for Android. Only Android. Well, only qualified devices I am sure.
23 minutes ago

many partners involved...okay...
25 minutes ago

specs please!!!
26 minutes ago

2005 first Walkman phone, 2007 Xperia phone...2008 first Android
28 minutes ago

merging communication and entertainment. Not possible until today. Well, lots of folks would beg to differ, dude.
29 minutes ago

official unveiling. Now playing video. Gingerbread and Playstation. Sakaguchi on the stage. Is proudest moment.
30 minutes ago

Main event!!! The Play! Now playing the same video we've seen before. "Android is Ready To Play"
33 minutes ago

Pro has Smart Keyboard - attempts to ease steps to messaging. Slide the keyboard and it gives you options
34 minutes ago

Xperia Pro...the crowd is probably bored because it's not something they haven't see brefore. Demoing messaging.
35 minutes ago

talking about HDMI...boring...lets get to #Play!
38 minutes ago

Pincing to see all widgets. Sort of like Apple's implementation on the OS X.
39 minutes ago

it Sony can pair the new Hitachi 720p display for Play, that would totally rock.
40 minutes ago

Bravia engine...Arc is nice...again, #T-Mobile USA please carry it. Good looking device. #neo is lame.
41 minutes ago

stage is of chaotic...Cathy is wearing a nice dress...well, maybe not.
43 minutes ago far, video is a fail
45 minutes ago

3 minutes!
49 minutes ago

Getting ready for the live Sony Xperia Play can also watch live via Facebook if you like them. Small sacrifice.
50 minutes ago

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