Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are All Android Users Of Current Non-Dual Core Hardware Screwed?

While Apple’s secrecy is legendary, Google has been known to be more forthcoming but the lack of any word on hardware and Android 3, But with the tablet plans and Android 3, Honeycomb, the lack of information is really putting a crimp on my future buying plans. Personally, I like that I can future-proof anything that I’m going to spend hundreds of hard earned dollars on.

So far, we are getting word that Honeycomb will require a Tegra 2 or other dual-core CPU. The LG Optimus 2X is the only concept smartphone available that I know of that sports the Tegra 2.

Then it dawned on me as I see more Android 3 tablets that are due around 2nd quarter of 2011 that also using Tegra 2 chips. Then the question for me becomes what about folks who bought an Android phone or tablet in the last few months? Are their devices upgradeable?

I have been telling people that they should get the Galaxy S phones because they’re just that good. Boy, are they gonna be pissed once they learned that Samsung or their carriers will not be upgrading them to Android 3 because Google won’t let them or that their hardware is already dated.

For myself, I’ve not made a decision on what tablet to get so I’m okay. I’ve got my iPad to hold me over until then. For anyone else, do your homework.

It’s really too bad because I really like the new Sony Ericsson Arc that is coming out of CES today. I think it could have been a winner right there. Unfortunately, it’s running a single-core Snapdragon. So the upgradeability to future Android may be very limited.

My only hope is that Google will come out with a separate track to help smartphone users upgrade their Android. Otherwise, it will force a wholesale upgrade by users. And that'll be good for hardware makers but not for you or me.

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