Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blogging and Writing (Fictions) Exclusively On Android

I spent a lot of time playing games and chatting it up on the G1, my rooted Android phone.  But an unique use that I've found pertains to how I use it for blogging.

I like writing fictions.  Love reading them too.  Ever since I was a kid, I dreamt up big strange worlds and fantastic monsters and helpful allies. 

But I'm not a good writing.  I get my inspirations here and there.  Most of my stuff start out great but end in a fizzle.  Much like my blogging unfortunately.  So with the G1, I've found a solution.

Micro-blogging via Twitter and short posts via Blogger.  140 Characters for short thoughts and a couple of paragraphs for my fictional characters.  

In Japan, tens of thousands of commuters use flip phones to read novels.  Yeah, they read whole novels while waiting for the trains and during commutes. So I figure I like blogging and I've already doing that on the G1 and my other mobile devices.  I ought to put my ideas down and see if other folks will enjoy my fictional musing.

I'm giving Wordpress a try as it is a very versatile platform for writers and keeping Android updates with Blogger.  I'll update on how this goes.

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