Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sony To Bring PSP Over To Androidland - Good Or Bad?

Do we want Sony to come over with a PSP gaming device that runs on Android? My initial reaction was "heck, yeah!". Then I got to thinking.

Is Sony really going to be okay with allowing Samsung, Motorola, and HTC to run PSP games? Yeah, my thought exactly. Not a chance.

So while this does give Google something to brag about, what about the rest of the field? As a consumer, we get these guys to compete for our money. It's a win. But suppose you invest in PSP games that can only be played on Sony's hardware but later, you want to move on to another Android device, those games you bought cannot be carried over.

So you're only choice is to stick with Sony.

As a developer, what do you do? Develop for Sony or for the Android platform as a whole?

Also, because Sony will have exclusive games for its PSP phone, this may further fragment the gaming community within Androidland if others decided they need to go out and get games exclusive to their Android fiefdom.

Already we are kind of seeing that from the different skins that each hardware developers are creating.

I hope that kind of arrangement can be made so that Sony's PSP involvement will augment the platform and not force users, carriers, and developers to draw lines. Those are not the kind of choices that is good for Android.

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