Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nook Color Just Might Be The Best Android Tablet

Today, Barnes And Noble unveiled what I think is the best Android tablet for reading. And yeah, I think it bests the Kindle with its fancy e-ink.

Based on Android 2.1, it remains to be seen if Nook Color will be upgradable to Android 3 but today, there are no Android tablet that is so well custom built for a singular purpose, reading, and conducting rudimentary computing tasks.

Sure, The Samsung Tab has much more support via carriers and distribution and better hardware but for regular book lovers, you really have to consider the Nook Color considering the literary attention and feel BN put into the development.

Oh, let not forget the Nook costs a lot less than the Samsung Tab which costs anywhere between $400 with carrier subsidy and two-year contract to about $1000 buying it out right.

Tab is more Android power users. For book lovers, the Nook deserves your serious consideration.

More at Engadget and Barnes And Noble

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