Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet GetJar: A Mobile App Site And They Greet Us With Free Games

First, I'm just a gaming fan, a mobile gaming fan. So, cheaper the better. More fun the better. So, I am getting acquainted with GetJar, a mobile app site.

For the next couple of weeks, GetJar will offer free games from Glu Mobile, a mobile gaming company I am familiar with as I've got a few of their games on my iOS devices. And now, I'm happy to say they're going to be on my G1 as well.

So for an app store trying to get to know US mobile users, I can't help but say, "thanks and welcome to our shores".

Free games include: Brain Genius, Build-A-Lot, Stranded: Mysteries of Time.

I suggest you bookmark the site. I think this isn't just going to be a one-time deal. Occasionally, developers will offer free games to get users exposed to their entire library.

And speaking as a mobile gaming warrior, I can attest to the fact that it works.

More at GetJar.

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