Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tablet: Android Today, Chrome OS in 2011

I like to say go ahead and get the Samsung Tab or any other Android-based tablets if you can't wait. Why wait?

Well, Google has indicate that the latest version of Android 2.2 isn't tablet-friendly. And in fact, Samsung has said that some apps may not look good because they are not optimized for tablet use.

So what are we to do? A few year ago, being younger and more adventurous, I think I would get it no matter what warnings may come my way. Today, it's a little different.

But if I were to get one today, I would want to make sure that it is future-proof. By that, I mean the following two things.

First, I want to make sure that any tablet I get are free from carrier meddling. By that, I mean no crapware and I would not be at the mercy of the carrier for upgrades. Let face it, they are dar more interested in us buying new gears and signing multiple-year contracts than extending the life of our mobile gadgets, and that includes tablets.

Second, I want to make sure it is compatible with Android 3.0, which should be more suitable for tablet deployment. More importantly, I want to be sure the tablet is also Chrome OS ready. Google doesn't want to come out and say it but we get the feeling that Google believes the future of mobile should be Chrome OS and webapps, movin further away from Android and apps.

Ultimately, the best thing that can happen is for Google to launch and showcase what they think the ultimate tablet should be based on their philosophy much like they did with Nexus One. In fact, the tablet would be the perfect device for Google to try and get away from carriers.

We will know more in the next few weeks what the four major carriers in the US has planned for the Samsung Tab. We should learn more how upgradable it is and what upgrade path Samsung and Google plotted out.

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