Friday, September 10, 2010

T-Mobile's G2 Is Fast? How Fast?

I put in a double meaning for "fast" here. T-Mobile's G2, basically the replacement for the G1, is pretty fast compared to the Galaxy S (Vibrant and Captivate for ATT) and Droid 2. The following graph is a benchmark of a GLBenchmark.

It is just behind Droid 2 but ahead of the Galaxy. And this despite being handicapped at 800Mhz. However, it does sport a newer more efficient CPU from Qualcomm.

Like TmoNews says, it's the performance that matters most.

Now for the other meaning of fast? How about pre-order on Friday (it's already Friday except the West Coast of the United States). Apparently, Best Buy is going ahead with the pre-order. Looks like we'll see the G2 in our hands in early October.

More at Tmo-News.  It's getting exciting.  Looks like Christmas is coming early for some of us!

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