Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Doing Without HTC Sense And Other Skins

One of the first things I am going to do once CyanogenMod and others have figured out how to root the G2 or whatever Android device I end up with is to make a nice donation to these good folks. Then, I'll take a lasting look at the Sense or whatever concoction that passed for a skin and bid it farewell. Finally, I'll root it.

I suppose this behavior is due to the two years of rationing the memory that is available on my G1 and appreciate the every last bit of byte available without the warning coming up to tell me that I've ran out of memory.

Plus, the widget community in the Marketplace is robust enough that I can literally create my own skin without worrying about Sense or anything else slowing down my system. Besides, I got rid of my Facebook account and I don't have a need to give carriers or the device makers access to my updates, SMS, and contacts.

I suppose I am getting a head of myself as T-Mobile has yet to officially tell us how much the G2 is or when it will be available. Even if i don't root my next Android device, avoid the skins like Black Death is definitely something I am going to do.

Note: Getting rid of HTC Sense is one reason why I want to root the G2 if I get it. The other reason is so that I can gain access to the system and be able to use the device as a mobile hotspot for my other devices and laptop to tether to.

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