Sunday, September 12, 2010

Android Tablets in School

The iPad is making some inroads into enterprise but where is it poised to make a lot of gains is in education. Where does that leave Android?

Google is scanning and posting books online but we have not hear much until Google has a viable tablet to offer schools. And given that Google doesn't seem go be pushing Android as the OS for their move into the tablet market, we may not see Android in the schools at all.

More likely, Google will be pushing Chrome OS (COS) as their tablet of choice. And if COS is as raw as when Android was when it first appeared, we probably won't see a viable educational tablet for a while.

Plus, I got to thinking about what the size and weight of tablets that is best for leaning. Right now there is the 5" phone from Dell to the upcoming 7" Samsung Tab that can serve in the education market.

Until Google finalizes its plans for the tablet market, they are all that Android or Google fans can take to school. And why not? Some medical schools and colleges offered the iPhone and iPod touches to their students before the iPad was available.

If a 3.5" LCD screen can work well in school, with a little push from developers, the current Android offerings should offer some compelling choices.

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