Monday, August 30, 2010

Android Device Makers That Also Make TV May Have Advantage Over Others That Just Make Tablets And Phones

Android device makers, Toshiba, Sharp, Samsung, and Sony, all have one thing in common that Android makers do not have. They made TV. Specifically, HDTV. And that potentially mean their Android tablets may have greater living integration than anything from HTC, Dell or Motorola.

Sure, Google TV is suppose to be on the TV only and Android is Android. Then again, HTC’s Sense or Moto Blur are all device specific skins that work to the strengths of individual device makers.

I look for for incumbent TV makers to leverage this advantage over the traditional device makers. What better way to distinguish their tablets from others in the field than to offer a tighter integration with their other hardware? It’s what Apple do in creating their second-to-none ecosystem.

For instance, Sony may marry its PSP with Android. So potentially, specific apps can be written for closer integration with the Bravia TVs and PS3. This is even a step further than what Toshiba, Sharp, or Samsung can do.

We’ll see in the next 12 months when what all this means and if what I predict pans out. Let’s just say, if this doesn’t happen, HTC and Samsung will take everyone else to school with their tablets.

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