Saturday, July 24, 2010

Only 20% of Android Users Will Get Another One?

Given the previous level of satisfactions that we've seen with users and their Android devices, it's hard to believe this post from CNN that a mere 1 on 5 Android users plan on upgrading to another Android device.

Does that sound right?

Yes, According, to a report from Yankee Group, a mere 20% of Android customers plan to upgrade to another Android device.

Now, given the number of devices out there, the continuing sellouts for EVO and Droid devices, Android's popularity is only increasing with dozens of models on the market worldwide. The report also referenced that 4 in 5 iPhone users plan on getting another iPhone. I expected the Android figure to be closer to that than 20%.

What makes this report a bit suspect? 69% Of subscribers are happy with their carrier. A whopping 68% of ATT users are happy with Ma Bell. Really? And get this, a Full 73% of iPhone users are happy with ATT.

Does that sound right? That's why I find the lower figure for Android returnees so weird. I know that ATT has done a great job trying to beef up their network but issues still persists in some market.

Here's what I want readers to understand about the perception of the mobile market, the competing platforms, and such.  I follow the developers of mobile companies, wireless carriers, and other developers on a daily basis.  It's a hobby of mine.

But most mobile warriors, whether they arm themselves with Blackberries, iPhones, or Droids, don't.  They just want a device that works.  Perhaps, my perception of high Android and iPhone favorability is warped by the fanboy status I have in all things mobile.

Still, you can't dispute the sales figures.  We'll know if a year or so whether mobile users stick with their current mobile platform or jump ship.  I only know that I'm very happy with my modified G1 running Android 2.1.

So what do you think?  Is this study flawed?

More at CNN.

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