Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WiMax In Los Angeles?

Being in LA is a good thing at times.  We're close to Hollywood, sunshine, beaches, and hotties all around.  But when it comes to tech, we're almost always the last to get it. High speed bandwidth like DSL and cable in the 90s.  We can pretty much forget about fiber optics.  That seems to be the came for wireless connection as well.

I went to Radio Shack today to play with the EVO and also order an iPhone 4 for my cousin.  In talking to the fellows who work there, they noticed my extreme interest in the EVO.  But I complained about having to pay for the 4G surcharge when we have no idea when I'll see WiMax being supported in my neighborhood.

So he said he understood which is why he's waiting as well.  He'll be jumping ship to Sprint from Verizon.  But he expects it soon. According to him, West LA already has WiMax coverage (I didn't know that) and my area is currently being tested.

He thinks it'll happen end of summer.

Anyway, I thought I pass that along in case anyone in LA is wondering about WiMax.

As for my impression with EVO, there was no working one to play with. But I did like the size.  I am not sure I like the plastic nature of the device.  While I don't like Droid's keyboard, I do like the toughness it conveys.

Galaxy S will be out for T-Mobile in July and I play on giving it a good look through because another Galaxy version will be available for Sprint that supports WiMax later this year.

I'm still waiting to see what the iPhone 4 has to offer when I pick it up for my cousin on the 24th.  I like to stay with T-Mobile and I'll be rooting for the Galaxy big time.  But that depends on when HPSA+ is available.  I imagine it'll happen around the same time as when WiMax becomes available for Los Angeles.  I'll pit Sprint's 4G versus T-Mobile's supercharged 3G network to decide then.

Meanwhile, my G1 is hanging in there.

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