Friday, June 4, 2010

HTC EVO: I'm Calling It, Get It Over Incredible, Droid, Nexus One

If you happen to live in an area where you've got good Sprint coverage, and if you're the lucky few, with WiMax access, you need to get the EVO if you're in the market for an Android device.

Right now, I'd even recommend it over the iPhone 3GS.  Though as a fan of both Android and the iPhone, if you can wait until what Steve Jobs has to say on Monday, wait.

But you definitely can't go wrong with the EVO.  I do think you should get a second battery as one isn't going to be enough.

Another reason why the EVO with Sprint is would be a brilliant move.  Recently, ATT did itself a disservice by killing off the unlimited data plan.  While that might appeal to some users to save $5 a month, most mobile warriors I know will be severely limited by the 2GB limit.  Even if it's an Android device from ATT.

Having said that, Sprint's plans are still unlimited and allows the EVO to serve as a mobile hotspot.  You really cannot go wrong with that.

Also I recommend getting it at Best Buy or another location that has done away with the $100 rebate and offers the EVO to you for $199 straight up.  No nonsense about waiting for the rebate check.

Yes, get the EVO over the Droid (lame keyboard), Nexus One (dated now), and the Incredible.

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