Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sprint To Charge $5 For Video Calls? How Not To Stop Momentum

The HTC EVO from Sprint, based on Android obviously, is one of the most anticipated mobile devices on the market this summer.

It not only matches other devices feature for feature, it is the first commercially available 4G phone.  On top of that, it has a frontal camera just waiting to use that 4G bandwidth.  And guess what?

It's going to cost $5 more a month for users to chat via video using Qik.  Add insult to injury, you'll have to set up a separate account with Paypal, not with your regular Sprint account.

Here's the question.  Not "why".  Sprint, are you out of your freaking mind?!  You're suppose to make it easier for people use the phone and access the features.  At the very very least, allow people to charge it to their Sprint account.

Heck, why not use Google's Checkout?  Just about everyone who uses an Android device has a Google account for mail.  It'll be easier than setting up a Paypal account.

It's not a major stumbling block but it may be enough of a hinderance for people to avoid using people.  Hope that Google will quickly bring video to Gtalk.

Phone Arena did mention that Fring will be offering video chat for free.  I think people will opt for this rather than setting up a Qik account, then setting up a Paypal account, and paying $5 for a game changing feature.

Plus, my experience with Fring hasn't been all that great.  Come on, Sprint, do something.

More at Phone Arena.

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