Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Want An Android Tablet But...

By now, you're very excited about the pending Google-Verizon hatched tablet based on Android.  After all, it can't be just a rumor if it came straight from Verizon Wireless' CEO, right?

Here are some thoughts about it that I had throughout the day about it.  A bit more after these tweets:

  • Android Tablet:  I already have an iPad but also want an Android tablet.  But… (part 1)
  • Android Tablet:  I don’t want a Dell, HTC, or someone else’s tablet because support is probably spotty (part 2)
  • Android Tablet:  I don’t want Verizon’s tablet (or whoever else’s) because updates will suck big time (part 3)
  • Android Tablet:  I want a Google backed tablet.  A gTablet.  But I want to make sure Google has the right customer support in place (part 4)
  • Android Tablet:  I was about to get a Nexus One when Google said it would stop working on the 3G problems with it…seriously, WTF (part 5)
  • Android Tablet:  However, with the right support, an Android tablet from Google will totally rock! (part 6)
  • Android Tablet:  Imagine a 7-10” tablet with Nvdia’s Tegra 2 support with Flash for hulu playback (part 7)
  • Android Tablet:  For naysayers, Sprint & VW didn’t reject Nexus One.  Sprint has Evo and VW has Incredible.  ‘Nuff said. (part 8)
  • Android Tablet:  Google needs to sell the tablet direct as well as subsidized.  (part 9)
  • Android Tablet:  Needs to support 4G wireless Internet.  WiMax & LTE verson as well. (part 10)
Just one more thing.  The wireless plan for the Android tablet.  Needs to at least match what AT&T is offering for the iPad. Anything less could just derail what might possibly be the best tablet ever.

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