Saturday, March 6, 2010

lessons From Nexus One (For All Device Developers)

Over at Onxo, we talked about the lessons that can be learned from Nexus One for the iPhone.  But more specifically, other Android device makers and the Android team should try to learn the same lessons as well.

The Android is successful in large part to the Google name.  From a mobile perspective, Android is the second wave of major changes to the market if the iPhone was the first wave that shook up the market.  Android's influence are not as apparent but it is being felt.

For many users, we can build our own experiences from that of Nexus One and go from there.  My main issue with Android is the speed.  The iPhone is fast.  To this day, you can only say that about one or two Android phones while the rest of the devices on the market, likely due to competitive pressures, continue to sport the same or similar hardware configuration as the original G1.

Speed aside, Android's flexibility ought to advertised as one of its main features.   As I sit here hacking away at this article, my G1 sits faithfully next to me.  I continue to use it along side my iPhone on a daily basis.  The main feature I use on the G1 today is the ability to tether any Wi-Fi enabled device like another Android device or laptop.  This isn't an officially sanctioned feature but it's there for me whenever I need it.  

Over all, Android development is coming a long nicely but a long way to go until it matches the more polished experience offered by Apple.  It'll be great to see what iPhone 4.0 has to offer and how Google intend on answering it.  

Ain't competition grand?

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