Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google Innovations for Android: Chrome OS Features Will Eventually Migrate to Android

It's my belief that Google will merge the work they've done with Android with that of Chrome OS. Obviously, Chrome OS came of an attempt to unseat Microsoft in the PC industry. A valiant attempt. I don't know if it'll succeed or not.

That's not the point for me. The point is more about how Android will benefit from research and innovation gained from work done with Chrome OS. Here's what I think will happen over time with Android and Chrome OS development.

First, on Chrome OS. For simplicity sake, Chrome OS is Chrome running on a specialized Linux. But Google is trying to develop a computing future in which webapps is king, relying on open standards and less on what Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe will come up with - Silverlight and Flash. In Apple's case, Google will try to displace the iPhone's advantage with its app store.

For the sake of corporate pride, Chrome OS will not go away should it fail to gain traction in the market. Initially, it will likely serve as a distraction and cause confusion in the market. Google's new at this. Just look at what's going on with Buzz. Well, if you think the Buzz privacy issue was a fiasco, you just have to wait until Chrome OS hits the market. That's gonna be one huge mess. Let's just hope Google has learned from its Buzz experience.

So confusion. People will ask if this is Android. We will have our work cut out for us cleaning up after Google in explaining to the public that Android has nothing to do with Chrome OS. But we will be encouraged in that Android, as a mobile platform, will have much to gain from Chrome OS.

Of the two OS's, Android will live supreme on the mobile devices we have come to know as smartphones. On netbooks, there is where the confusion will reign for a while as hardware developers provide consumers with a choice of Android and Chrome OS.

Once the dust settles, as tablets start to penetrate the mobile market and seep into the minds of consumers, Android will also have a role here as well. Chrome OS, as we saw in demos, simply isn't equipped and martured enough to usurp Android.

Even, Chrome OS will find a home on a shrink netbook market when the tablet market matures.

That's where I think things stands for these two Google operating systems. We'll know later this year once Chrome OS products hit the market but I'm pretty sure this is how it'll play out with our Android taking the lead for Google's Web and search initiatives.

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