Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Google And China

By now, China and Google are in a little spat over hacking and censorship of search results from Google's dedicated Chinese search engine.

Personally, I applaud Mountainview having the guts to stand up to what's obviously a government that doesn't have the best interests of its citizens at heart.  Let me be clear, no government's perfect.  Not even ours.  Case in point:  no Western government has stood up to Beijing the way Google has.

International politics aside, the question is where does Google and Android go from here.  Let's just say that we can pretty much forget Nexus One running on any Chinese wireless network.

But how about other Android devices san Google's name?  The only way I see Android devices in China is if everything Google is stripped out.  That means no Gmail, gTalk, Voice, and search.  So, fine.

How would Samsung, Motorola, or a Chinese device maker make an Android phone without anything Google on it?  These questions ought to be answered in the next couple of weeks.  Google is holding talks with Chinese officials at the time.

I'm holding Google to stick to the spirit of the letter it posted regarding this matter.  Google has generated a great deal of goodwill with its stand and I'm hoping more companies follow its lead.

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