Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TMo-News Confirm Nexus One On January 5th

The good folks at Tmo-News hae been able to confirm that Nexus One is indeed going to be available through our favorite carrier (unless you've got an Android device with Sprint or VW).

  • Available for order January 5th
  • Starting at 9am
  • Only through Google.com
  • No pricing yet.  
That's it for now. I'm torn. Upgrade and pay penalty or wait until my contract runs out!?

Now a word about pricing. Smart money is on $199. It's possible Google might subsidized it further with T-Mobile's help and drive it down to $99. I know some of would like to hear the word "free" with ad support but I doubt that'll happen this time around.

We're a week away so I'm sure rumors will start flying and leaks will get lost in the mix. Just fire up your browser and sit tight next Tuesday and wait.

More at TMo-News

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