Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gearhack Trying To Install Chrome OS Diet On Netbook and XO

The publisher of popular sites, Cynosure, Gearhack, and Camerahacker, is trying to do us a favor and spead some of the Chrome OS love.  I've know Mr. Chieh Cheng for a long time. Going back to when he helped me passed high school physics.

So, dude's pretty smart.  So, he's been in a mission to try to get COS (Chrome OS) Diet working on his MSI Wind and his XO.  I spoke to him about it at length and he's quite knowledgeable with the in-and-outs of these things. Dude's pretty relentless when it comes to these things.

Hence, the word "hack" in his domain name.  Anyway, he's posted some progress he made and roadblocks he hope to overcome.  Let him know what you think and what you might be able to offer him.

Yeah, Android and COS will merge as Google founders have confessed so we might as well start talking about COS too.

The immediate issues are as follows:

  • Getting Wi-Fi to work.
  • Getting the XO to book from the SD expansion slot.
Any help from 'Droid fans and Linux masters appreciated.  

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