Monday, December 21, 2009

Droid Killer: Sony's XPERIA X10

There are plenty of iPhone killers on the market.  How about Pre killers?  Blackberry killers?  Well, I think I've found a Droid killer, and it happens to be another Android device.  Sony's Xperia X10.

While there is no doubt that the iPhone and Android devices are competing devices, they are radically different as far as the basic mobile cultures from which they were developed.  Apple is very walled off while Google is trying to create an open network based on its webapps.  iPhone "just works" while Android devices try to appeal to a wider audience.   One particular group are those who wishes to tinker with their devices more than iPhone would allow (unless you jailbreak it). 

Droid has gained a wide following and seems to be doing better against the iPhone than other flagship devices such as Storm and Palm Pre.  But instead of gunning for the iPhone, Droid ought to be watch it back as more enticing Android devices come onto the market.

I was especially excited when I learned over the weekend that Sony's Xperia X10 is coming to the US as a subsidized device.  Initially, word was that it will be available to T-Mobile but now there is word that ATT might be the one to get the X10.

Right now, I'm digging this.  Nexus One is also one to watch but I think X10 will appeal to the same Droid crowd with its pullout keyboard.  As a T-Mobile subscriber, I can't be happier with this latest development.  In a few weeks, I may have trouble deciding which Android device (provided that the these devices live up to the hype) to get:  Nexus One, Google phone that may be free, or the X10 which has one of the best specs I've seen for anything on the market.

So, you've read about the Nexus One but what is the X10?  Here are a few details you ought to know:
  • Snapdragon 1Ghz CPU
  • 4" screen with 854 x 480 
  • 256MB of RAM
  • Memory card expansion
  • 8MP camera - 8MP!  You read it righ!
  • aGPS, and all the other wireless connectivity.  
  • About the size of the iPhone but a tad bit thicker and taller, 135g (same as the iPhone, Droid weighs in at 169 grams)
  • 10m0mAh battery

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