Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Android's Future - Looking Great If A Bit Cloudy Now

As a G1er, I feel like I'm being left out in the cold as the rest of the Android brethren gets new and exciting features.  Of course, having Google Navigation does make things better on that front.

But I'm very curious about the future of Android.  From what I can see, Google's future plans for Android is looking more and more murky.  I don't think that is a bad thing though.  Yes, Chrome OS has really make things less certain for Android.

I think in some circles, COS has really confused both hardware and software developers.  Particularly, mobile device makers like HTC.  We'll continue to see new Android devices but it'll be interesting see what new features Google might quickly port over from COS.

COS is a year away from a formal debut with hardware but Android will be in its 3rd year of existence.  For this reason, I am likely to wait it out and see where things go before I upgrade.  I've got a couple of reason to way.  My G1 is still going strong even if it's going to be left behind in the Android 2.0 upgrade.  As for the hardware, Droid is great except the keyboard is really it's biggest weakness.

I'm sure in another 9-12 months, provided my will power stays strong, I should be able to upgrade to an Android device or tablet that is more closely aligned with what Google envisions for the future of cloud and mobile computing.  

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