Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I want one now! XPERIA X10

Just watch the video I lifted off Phandroid's post. It's a youtube promo for Sony's X10.

Alright, this could be my next Android phone if this thing ever comes to the US.

Here are some quick specs:
  • Android OS, baby!
  • 1GHz Snapdragon from Qualcomm!
  • 8.1MP camera, autofocus, video recording, face recognition
  • WebKit
  • Email and messaging - Exchange, bla, bla...all the bells and whistles
  • Great design
  • GPS with Google Maps - this will likely run 2.0 which means free Nav app
  • Wi-Fi, USB support (separate from micro-USB), BT, 3.5mm audio jack
  • Sony-branded services like sync, Mediascape, Timescape as well as the usual Google Webapps
  • 4" screen - 480 x 854 pixels!
  • 8GB microSD card included
  • size 119 x 63 x 13 mm, 135 grams

Engadget has a hands-on with the device. Alright, if this thing is as great as it looks and works as it should, maybe I'll consider getting it unsubsidized next year when it's out. Still, pre-announcing like this is risky as others are coming out with just the same specs and likely with competitive pricing as well.

Still, I wait eager! More at Phandroid.

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