Wednesday, November 18, 2009

eReader Now Available On Android

Get it now, my fellow Ondroids!  That's right, I'm gonna call my fellow Android device owners "Ondroids".

Back to the reader.  It's available and it's awesome!  I am sure this is just the initial step as Amazon should follow shortly with the Kindle reader for our great platform.

Here's  a pic showing how to operate the app.  I'm totally stoked!  It's about frakkin' time, too!

I've been reading ebooks on the iPhone for the longest time now and even further back when I had just the Palm PDAs.  I think Android devices should totally rock given the crisp and bright screens on all the devices. Frankly, I have no problem finishing off books after books in a 3"-ish screen.

Give it a go.  Show that the Android phones are a viable mobile reader.  Furthermore, not just Kindle.  You know Google has been working with publishers worldwide on books and rights?  Once that's all cleared up, look for Google to release its own reader.  That's my prediction.

I'll be back tonight with a bit of review and hands-on report.

More at Fictionwise.

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