Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Android Marketplace Needs Work

Google has a lot of problem to work on with the Android OS, the Marketplace, and convincing developers Android is a worthwhile money-making investment.

According the Larva Labs, a developer for Android, it's not making a whole lot of money despite having apps in the top paid list. In fact, it's over a little more thsn $62 a day. Not bad but certainly not great compared to what someone in a similar position selling apps for the iPhone can make, which is in the thousands per day.

I'll get more into this but having used both the iPhone and the G1 and playing around with the app store, there simply isn't a good comparison. A developer selling apps on the iPhone has an added advantage of the iTunes on the desktop to help market apps and, despite the iTunes app store flooded with 75K apps, there are 40 million iPhone and iPod Touch users today and closer to 60-70 million by the end of 2009.

It's Google that has to create a better atmosphere for app developers to market apps to Android users. Granted Android support is growing and I am sure things will improve for developers are the volume of users increase worldwide, Google needs to spend more time communicating with developers and learn from other platforms on how they market apps to users.

Look, Techcrunch posted information about this. These days, TC is on a warpath against the iPhone for whatever reason. It has said that developers are happy to leave the iPhone. I don't buy it. Leaving the iPhone means leaving tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands on the table. That isn't the point. The point is we Android users like a more robust and buying experience in the Marketplace.

Perhaps, Google will hit up with an improved Marketplace with future updates. I am confident Google will have more pieces in place to make buying and selling apps easier. Though I have to wonder how committed by are now that Chrome OS is also being marketed by Google. This is certainly going to create confusion among developers.

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