Friday, July 3, 2009

G1 Perfect As A Workout Companion

I think when mobile devices were created, especially with a platform like Android, Google probably did not think that using it as a workout device is one of the more useful functions.

More than finding directions, geo-tagging, and social apps, I've come to use the GPS more as a running companion.  In the early days, GPS devices dedicated for runners like ones from Garmin were your only option.  The use was limited and at times, acquiring signals can be an issue that throw off the accuracy of  the runner.

Then Apple and Nike worked on the Nike+ that uses a quarter-sized sensor with the iPod to estimate the distance ran by the runner.

On the G1, there are two apps, MyTracks and CardioTrainer that I enjoy using and it will really change help out G1 runners.

I have tried both apps for the last couple of weeks and I find both to work as advertised.  More at Onxo Mobile Devices.

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