Sunday, March 15, 2009

Android And Google Voice

You probably read or heard about Google Voice all of last week but maybe a little confused about what it does. There's no link between Android and Google Voice at this time. It's essentially GrandCentral rebranded. Well, that's what Dave the mobile warrior claims it essentially it.

We tested it out on Saturday since he has a GC (GrandCentral) account. First impressions. Works as advertised. The transcription is a very cool option. It was quick. The message is also e-mailed to you and you can play message back in Google Mail.

Where can Google go from here? Well, I'm sure transcribing will improve over time. I can also see the translation in all this as well. A sort of a universal translator, nothing Star Trekkie though.

What I like to se Google do is improve integration with Chat. It would be great if I can click on a contact that allows me to chat with someone on his or her phone directly. I'm sure this is coming. It's too useful a feature for Google to pass up.

Now, Android integration. I do see a Voice app on Android devices one day (if not Android phones - Google still has to capitulate to wireless providers, for now). This integration is in line with the vision that Google is trying to achieve - ubiquitous data and voice use without the artificial handcuffs placed on us by wireless providers.

In a couple of years, we might be able to throw in white spaces if plans work out as I hope. Android, Voice, and white spaces. Things are looking good, my Android friends!

There's nothing to cheer at yet and as dismal as it is as far as Android updates go, at least the future wireless potential still looks good.

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