Thursday, September 1, 2011

There's The 7" Tablet Worth Getting And Then There's the 7" Ones That You Should Pass on

These 7" tablets from the likes of Lenovo running Android 2.3 instead of Honeycomb should be avoided at all costs.  Do yourself a favor and listen to me.

The IdeaPad A1 will cost only $200 for 8GB of storage.  But it's not based on the Honeycomb version of Android.  That fact alone isn't why I am warning you about tablets that are no running on Honeycomb.

It's that they're probably not upgradable to whatever else Google has planned.  Maybe it can be upgraded to Android 4.  Maybe not.  Okay, probably not.

I mean $200 is a very good price if you really want an Android tablet.  I would wait a while longer or spend a bit more for 7" versions powered by Tegra 2 chips running Honeycomb.  I'd feel better if you get those.

The only 7" tablet I know that runs Honeycomb is the A100.  They are pricier.  For the 8 GB model, it is about $330 and $350 for the 16 GB model. has it for $328 and TigerDirect has it for $330 if you want those instead.

Otherwise, there are plenty of inexpensive tablets that run regular smartphone version of Android.

Source: Phandroid.

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